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Changes in Ohio Work Comp Program

The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation is making some big changes to the way they bill Ohio businesses for workers compensation insurance. In the past, you paid your workers compensation insurance bill AFTER the fact. The Bureau is transitioning to charging for your...
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7 Unusual Tips to Winterize Your Car or Truck

You see a lot of articles this time of year recommending some common sense things you should do to protect your vehicle and yourself in the bitter cold winter weather. Things such as keeping an emergency kit in your car along with blankets, a shovel and cat litter or...
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Outlook on Central Ohio Construction

Central Ohio has long been the economic engine of the State of Ohio. The State Capital, one of the largest universities in the country, reasonable costs of living, comparatively low crime rates and a vibrant community combined with thriving passenger and freight...
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Craft Brewing Gaining in Popularity

According to the Craft Brewing Association, the volume of craft brews increased 18% in 2013. Over the last 10 years it has averaged better than 10% a year. Craft breweries present difficult challenges to insure properly. Liquor liability for one, but other things you...
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Insurance for Dental Practices

A good program for insuring dentist offices starts with three basic coverage: Professional Liability - which covers your work Business Liability - which covers general liability claims like a "slip and fall" on your premises Building and Business personal property -...
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Preparing your car for college

Having a car at college can give a student the freedom to come and go from work or to explore surrounding areas without depending on others. But having a car can also mean greater responsibility. Here are some common driving situations that you and your college...
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Every week it seems there is another announcement of a company being "hacked" and their customers personal information being stolen. Knowing who is ultimately responsible for these breaches can create enormous headaches and leave business owners uncertain of whether...
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Insuring a Home Health Care Business

This article on details 5 steps for insuring a home health care business. We certainly agree with their list, but would suggest an easier way would be to give our professionals at Insurance Agencies of Ohio a call. We have a special program for Home Health...
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10 Tips to Improve Construction Site Security

By Troy Dohmeyer Equipment and material theft is a major source of loss for contractors. While insurance may offset some of the financial costs, many uninsured costs – deductibles, replacing depreciated items with new equipment, production delays, paperwork and time...
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Workers Compensation Insurance for Ohio Companies

Workers compensation issues sometimes gets overlooked in the insurance program for Ohio based companies. Ohio is one of the few states that are still monopolistic, which means workers compensation insurance is only available through the State of Ohio's program. We...
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Without a doubt Scott Egelhoff and Insurance Agencies of Ohio are wonderful to work with. The coverage advice is always professional and helpful.  Emails are returned, questions answered and certificates issued in a timely manner.  Being in the construction industry it is nice that I have a partner that allows me to be so confident in my coverage.

Greg Hutt

President, VLI Construction Services

Dan Guarasci, I just want to say thank you for all your help. You went above and beyond. We really appreciate it.


Scott and his colleagues at Insurance Agencies of Ohio have done a wonderful job helping my family and I with our insurance needs.  They identified policies that would provide me with ample coverage, while also limiting my financial responsibility.  They also helped me very quickly process a claim on a damaged watch.  I believe we had a check sent to us within two days of our claim placement.   Thank you for all you have done for us!

Jesse Carmen, DDS

Carmen Orthodontics



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