We have the BEST clients!

Thanks for all of your help, Tammy. One of the best moves I ever made was working with you and Ralph. 

Gary W.

I appreciate your note, Ralph. I am very lucky that you and your team were Roto’s broker. Who else would’ve had the patience to fill in the gaps for me?

Janet H.

Unbelievable! You guys are the best.    

Chris C.

Jeff Shown, Cincinnati Claims adjuster, is awesome. It couldn’t have been more than an hour from my reporting the claim to him calling

Dan G.

Thank you!!! You certainly did a great job explaining everything to Donna and I. We look forward in having you and your agency represent us.

Bob W.

Donna took care of our son and his soon to be wife. We have always appreciated your service and knew they would be in good hands. 

Chris and Cathy M

Katie, you rock. You are a great ambassador for our chamber and I’m so glad you are on our board. 



Kathy P

Everything went extremely well with the repairs on my car. I have to say, Travelers was amazing to work with. They made the entire process completely stress-free. I am so glad to have my insurance with you.  

Bre B.

I am beyond happy. Tim and Sue were perfect in guiding me through this entire process. The communication was top notch; keeping me up to date on everything.    

Chuck J.

Katie has excellent customer service, a commodity rarely found these days.   

Richard H

You have a wonderful agency and I truly enjoy working with you all.    

Tanya R.

Sue has been awesome and so very helpful. Delightful to have someone so helpful these days!    

Robin B.

Wow, Kelly. You are my new favorite person. You were a huge help for our projects. Thanks for getting everything to me so quickly.    


David Y.

Thanks, Katie. I truly appreciate you taking the time and for your recommendation. I’m not sure all other insurance agents would be so honest and forthright. That says a lot about you and your company. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends and colleagues. I especially enjoy recommending professional women, such as yourself.  

Erin T

I appreciate that Cincinnati helped get our car fixed, didn’t try to dictate the shop we took it to and that you guys are jumping through hoops to get us paid back. That is why I’m grateful to have you guys at Insurance Agency of Ohio and Cincinnati as my insurer.

Todd H.

If you are in need of Homeowners, Rental or Auto Insurance, Insurance Agency of Ohio are the best people to work with. They write all of my liability and property insurance and are fantastic to deal with.   

Wes K