Homeowners insurance coverages have changed very little in the last 35 years.  Until now. The new Service Line Coverage is a rider that can be added to a homeowner policy written by Cincinnati Insurance. It protects utility lines for water supply, water disposal, electric power, heating, natural gas, communications, and drainage. It covers failures due to freezing, root invasion, rupture, breakage, wear and tear, and corrosion.

Utility Lines photoThe premium for $10,000 coverage is $25 per year. Considering the coverage you are getting, that is a very good rate. We recently had a claim for a drain line that was damaged by tree roots. It was a $6,000 repair bill. The contractor informed us that 85% of all drain lines are clogged or damaged.

Chances are, your insurance company doesn’t offer this coverage. Call us today for a free homeowners quote from Cincinnati Insurance that includes Service Line coverage.

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