Insuring a non-profit organization can be tricky. With no real “owners”, few employees, lot’s of volunteers, Boards of Directors and a constituency of the public which is frequently underserved and underrepresented, there are a lot of moving parts. Add into that fund raising, off-site events and a fiduciary responsibility to keep the budget as low as possible, finding an insurance program that addresses everyone’s needs can be a daunting task.

Insurance Agency of Ohio has several programs for non-profit organizations from some of the leading insurance carriers in the marketplace. Give our professionals a call and we’ll work with you to meet everyone’s needs.

About Insurance Agency of Ohio

Insurance Agency of Ohio is a trusted and well-respected family-owned independent insurance agency in Worthington, Ohio. The agency has been protecting their central Ohio clients with comprehensive insurance programs for over 50 years. Insurance Agency of Ohio specializes in preferred personal insurance, business insurance, home health care, construction, manufacturers, dentists, workers compensation and insurance risk transfer programs.